Glory of Death - Chapter 1

Lord Shri Krishna while describing the world in Bhagawad Geeta says - “This world is `dukhaalayam ashashwatam’ - it is a storehouse of sorrows, it is transitory, it is perishable. Also -
Anityam asukham lokam, imam prapya bhajaswa maam' - this world is impermanent - Realizing that there is not even a drop of joy, therefore serve me - surrender to me only.
In this world there are infinite, varied sorrows. If all these sorrows are summed up, they can be classified into three categories:
(1) Sorrow of birth
(2) Sorrow of living as long as we live.
(3) Sorrow of dying.
The above-mentioned three sorrows encompass all the sorrows of the entire world.