Glory of Death - Chapter 7

A man remembers all the sins he has committed in his lifetime at the time of death and therefore he suffers very sorrowfully. As soon as a man is born, his life gets video-taped in his psyche and all those sins that he commits in his lifetime like robbery, black marketing, taking bribes, cheating others, sexual misbehavior etc. gets video-taped in his psyche and he is forced to see this video on his death bed. At that time he visualizes his sins with eyes wide open and since he undergoes sorrow of remembrance of his sins, he fails to remember God.
For example, when a man lying on his death-bed sees the film of his numerous sins with fear, heart beating fast, and eyes open wide, his nephew consoles the relatives sitting around the death-bed saying, “Uncle Jiva really loved me so he is staring at me with eyes wide open.” This foolish nephew does not know that Uncle Jiva was not looking at him but he was watching the film of his sins with eyeballs bulging out.
The human psyche is a wonderful computer wherein imprints of infinite past lives get computerized. All the good and bad deeds performed in the entire lifetime get recorded and its video film gets taped automatically. At the time of death while leaving this body a being is forced to see this film. The technology of this film is so dynamic that this film spanning 80-90-100 years of man’s life can be viewed in one-hundredth part of a second.
A person may be a great saint or the most wicked sinner, he may be a King or a beggar, educated or illiterate - every being has to perforce to see the film of his entire life at the time of death and then only is he allowed to leave his body.
Even Lord Ram’s father King Dashratha had to see this film. Imagine how blessed was King Dashratha that even the Lord lovingly called him father. There could possibly not be even a drop of sin in the life of such a pious King Dashratha. Yet when the time came to leave, his body being separated from his son, he had to see the film of his life and while viewing this film there came a scene wherein a prince is seated on a horse in order to go deer-hunting. From the pond of a jungle he heard some water-splashing sounds and he shot the arrow in the direction of sound, as a result of which the innocent Shravan Kumar got wounded and his blind parents cursed him.
Seeing this scene King Dashratha with agony wailed aloud -

²ã ¨Ïæ }ææïÚ ÐæÐ ÐçÚ‡ææ}æé
„æШ ¥¢{ŸææÐ ¨éç{ ¥æ§ü
ÜUæñàæ˲çã ¨Ïæ ÜUƒæ ¨éÝæ§ü
|沩 ÏæèÜUH ÏæÚÝ„ §üç„ãæ¨æ
“Yaha sab more paap parinama
tapas andha shraap sudhi aayi
kaushalyahi sab katha sunai
bhayau bikal barasat itihasa.”
On seeing this film King Dashratha was convinced that this was neither Kaikayi's nor Manthara’s fault. His sorrow was the result of his sin.
In order that one does not have to undergo this sorrow of remembrance of sin, the scriptures and saints have warned that a man right from the commencement of his life should strive to lead an ethical life.
By staying within the bounds of righteousness through efforts full of justice and ethics, whatever worldly materials one obtains as per one’s destiny, one should utilize the same with the spirit of renunciation and seek grace of God so that one does not undergo the painful sorrow of remembrance of sin.