Theory of Karma - Chapter 13


The method of performing Kriyaman Karma is also different with different kinds of persons-Satvik, Rajsik. or Tamsik.

(1) A Satvik man performs action (Kriyaman Karma) with pious and noble mind, regardless whether he gets or not its fruit.

(2) A Rajsik man with selfish mind performs action (Kriyaman Karma) only after making it sure to get its fruit which he will not give up.

(3) A Tamsik man with crooked mind will refuse to perform any action (Kriyaman Karma) unless he first gets its fruit.

For example

(1 ) A Satvik doctor treats his patient with a pious motive as a part of his duty without any consideration but his patient willingly pays him 10 dollars which he receives with thanks.

(2) A Rajsik doctor treats his patient with selfish motive with a specific condition that he will charge 10 dollars after treatment.

(3)A Tamsik doctor of crooked motives refuses to treat his patient unless he first gets 10 dollars in his pocket.

All the three types of doctors do get 10 dollars but their method of getting the fruit of their respective Kriyaman Karma is different. The Satvik doctor gets 10 dollars after satisfying the patient. The Rajsik doctor gets 10 dollars in bargain, while the Tamsik doctor is given 10 dollars by the patient reluctantly without satisfaction.

Same is the case with the dealers of Satvik, Rajsik and Tamsik articles, goods and services.

(1 ) A dealer of Satvik articles like ghee (butter) will allow you to see it, taste it, smell it and then purchase it if you are satisfied about its genuineness. And even after going home if you feel any doubt, he will take it pack and will refund the amount paid by you.

(2) The dealer of Rajsik articles, like crockery, wrist watch, electrical goods etc., after purchases he will give you a cash memo with a specific instruction printed therein that the articles if found defective or damaged after going home will not be taken back and the money will not be refunded.

(3) the dealer of Tamsik articles will not at all show you the goods unless you pay in advance as entrance fees etc. Just as it is in the case of movie cinema theatres, strict doctors, lawyers. prostitutes etc.