Theory of Karma - Chapter 14


Your Prarabdha of this birth is destined just appropriately and proportionately equal to your efforts (Kriyaman Karmas) of your past births; and strictly according to this Prarabdha you get your birth in a particular specific country, caste, creed, and race. God is not whimsical to throw you anywhere without any reason. Your birth in any caste or creed or race or in the womb of a particular mother is not accidental but is strictly according to your deeds in your past births which are now matured and ripened as Prarabdha as stipulated in the law of Karma. If perhaps you are consulted
and given a choice before your new birth, you would naturally choose to take birth in the family of Rockfeller in America or in Birla family in India where immediately on
taking your birth you would be the owner of so many cars and bungalows and tremendous wealth and fortune. Likewise everybody would like to have a similar choice including the persons who were rascals and rogues in their past births and then you can imagine the confusion and chaotic condition of the world.

Strictly according to your quantum of Prarabdha you get appropriate caste, creed, race and sex, appropriate body, appropriate parents, husband, wife, children, relatives, neighbours, boss, business, service, wealth, health and all such other environments in the present birth and during this present life span you have compulsorily to enjoy, suffer and exhaust all your Prarabdha according to your debits
and credits with them incurred by you during your past births; and as soon as these debits and credits are cleared and all your obligations are fulfilled and your accounts are cleared-closed with them, your obligatory ties are unglued and they will automatically be separated.

You will get only that much which is destined in your Prarabdha and nothing more or less.

A king, though he is extremely pleased with his servant, cannot promote him to a very high post with a fat salary as it is not in his Prarabdha. Even though it would rain for all the 24 hours all the year round, the tree of Palash will bear only three leaves and not more.

During spring season all the trees beget fresh leaves but the tree of Kerda does not get any leaves. For that, spring is not responsible. During daytime all the creatures
are able to see in the sunlight but the owls cannot see anything at all because it is so destined in their Prarabdha. For this the sun cannot be blamed. In the monsoon it rains equally everywhere without any favouritism to anybody but the poor bird known as CHATAK hardly gets a few drops of water - in his gaping mouth during the whole monsoon season because it is so destined in his luck and the monsoon is helpless. Destiny (Prarabdha) is irrevocable and nobody can wipe it out or erase it.

It is a common belief amongst us that on the sixth day of the birth of a child, the Goddess of Destiny named Vl,DHZ;TA comes at night to chart the life course of the
new-born child and writes the destiny as to what is going to happen during the whole life of that child on the white, yellow, and red papers which we keep arranged for her to write. Nobody can see this goddess and read what she has written. But anyhow in any case even if the belief is correct. the Goddess Vidhata, appointed for doing this job, cannot favour anybody by adding or subtra,cting or manipulating any item from the Prarabdha that is destined strictly according to his previous Kriyam-an Karmas done by him in his previous births which have now matured and ripened as Prarabdha to be enjoyed or suffered during his present birth. She cannot be bribed. There is no corruption, bribery or favouritism in the law of Karma under the Realm of God.

You are eligible and entitled to get only that much which is specifically destined in your Prarabdha. All your efforts will be futile and will fall flat even if you run and
run day and night becoming crazy and hankering for attracting and accumulating money and wealth more than what is destined in your luck, fate (Prarabdha). Only running here and there without Prarabdha will not fetch more wealth. At the same time be sure that whatever wealth is destined, you are definitely going to get it not because of your running but in spite of your running. A dog is running helter skelter from one street to another for the whole day, and yet he does not become wealthy only because of his running. On the contrary only because of his more running for bread and sex door to door and street to street in crazy madness he is being beaten many a time. The dog runs after bread and sex with his four legs while a passionate
person is also found running with the four wheels of his car in restless activity. It makes no difference between animals and human beings if both of them are running
madly after only bread and sex.

The main point, the gist of this observation, is that your Prarabdha in your present birth is the direct effect and specifically based and shaped on the Kriyaman Karmas
of your past births. Even if you aspire and strenuously strive you cannot get anything more than what is destined in your Prarabdha under any circumstances.