Theory of Karma - Chapter 21


During your lifetime you acquire and possess innumerable worldly materialistic objects and things like bungalows, cars, money, wealth and what not for your insatiable sense gratification by ceaselessly doing Kriyaman Karmas all throughout your life. But you are getting and amassing all these things only for losing them ultimately and you remain spiritually bankrupt at the end of your life.

The main purpose of having a human body is to acquire MOKSHA i.e liberation from the cycle of birth and death and secure union (YOGA) with God from whom you are separated. That is the only final target and ultimate goal of human life. It is within the means of every person to unshackle himself from the mortal bondage, merging his
essential self into the supreme universal reality. What is more, every person has also the freedom of choice to accept this as his goal, because in the ultimate analysis
he is surely an intrinsic part of the same Supreme Reality and is irrefutably destined to be merged into the same, thereby achieving true salvation which is the birthright and essence of the soul.

But you cannot get MOKSHA so long as there is a single Kriyaman, Sanchit of Prarabdha Karma Iying in balance in your account. Therefore, for acquiring Moksha
what you should do is that you should perform and act so carefully, tactfully and skilfully during your present lifetime that you would be sufficiently capable to successfully wipe out completely all the Kriyaman, Sanchit and Prarabdha Karmas anyhow before you leave your present human body. Then and then only you will not be required and compelled to have again any new birth and death. Thus you can
easily come out from the cycle of birth and death once and for all. In this way you can secure union (YOGA) with God which is the ultimate goal of life.

Such tactful and skilful handling of Karmas with prudence and proper discrimination is precisely called Yoga (union with God) as defined and enunciated in Geeta- YOGAH KARMASU KAUSHALAM

Yoga is an art of discernment and prudence in the indulgence of daily activities.

The method to wipe off completely all the Kriyaman Sanchit and Prarabdha Karmas is prescribed as under:

(1) First of all you should control your present Kriyaman Karmas which is within your powers and competence. You should perform only those Kriyaman Karmas which would not be accumulated as Sanchit Karmas during your present lifetime (see para 23). Thus you ptop the flow and do not allow any new Karmas to be accumulated increasing the present stock of your Sanchit Karmas which you have earned during your past births.

(2) Then all the Sanchit Karmas in balance earned and accumulated uptill now because of your past deeds should be got completely burnt in the fire of knowledge
(jnanagni - self realisation - see para 40).

(3) And the Prarabdha Karmas have to be exhausted only by enjoying and suffering them during this lifetime in the present birth (see paras 32 to 37).