Theory of Karma - Chapter 24


If a child in immatured minor age innocently in a playful mood does grievous injuries to somebody, breaks window glasses, or costly.crockery, damages important things and documents, makes dirty some costly articles, photographs and pictures or even by a freak of accident . he pokes a sharp Knife in somebody's throat just out of fun causing his death etc., for all such mischievous and dangerous activities and tragic accidents he is not prosecuted in the criminal court of law and sentenced to jail. At the most he would be severely punished or beaten by his guardians there and then and for a serious offence he would be tried in a juvenile court and would be sent to a Remand Home for improvement of his vicious criminal mentality. This is because while doing such mischievous or criminal activities there was no sinister motive involved and he does not know his responsibility as he is still not mature enough to understand the consequences of such mischievous and wrong deeds as he has performed devoid of sense dominating influences, without any bias in mind due to attachment or aversion, likes or dislikes, RAGA or DWESHA, or ego (AHANKARA). Even a document signed by a minor is considered ultra vires, illegal, null and void in the court of law. A minor child or adolescent is not given a right to vote in franchise because he is unaware of the consequences thereof.

For such wrong deeds he may be punished during his lifetime and then these Kriyaman Karmas (actions) would not be added in his Sanchit Karmas for his subsequent births.