Theory of Karma - Chapter 33


There are four categories of Prarabdha

(1) Very acute Prarabdha;

(2) Acute Prarabdha;

(3) Mild Prarabdha;

(4) Very mild Prarabdha.

(1) So far as very acute Prarabdha is concerned you cannot change it at all inspite of your very acute and intense Purushartha (efforts) during this lifetime. Your birth through certain parents in a certain country, community, caste, creed, race or sex is not accictental. God is not so whimsical as to throw you anywhere in any way he likes. It is the result of your very acute Prarabdha which is completely unchangeable. You cannot change your parents and your kith and kin. You cannot change your masculine body into feminine and vice versa. You cannot change your sons, daughters or relatives in your present birth in spite of your very acute efforts, as they are the results of your deeds-actions creating debits or credits with them in your and their previous births which have brought you together in this present life. Hence you cannot be separated and none of you can leave your present body unless your previous accounts of give and take with one another are completely cleared during this birth.

(2) So far as acute Prarabdha is concerned, it cannot be completely wiped off, but at least you can make it mild or diluted by your very acute efforts (Purushartha) in this birth. If it is destined for you to suffer a severe blow of a stone-throw to hit your forehead, you cannot completely escape it but you can, by your very acute effort (Purushartha) break its velocity and thereby reduce the intensity a,nd quantum of injuries. If it is destined for you to fail in your eimination by your very acute Purushartha (efforts), you can at least pass in the third class instead of first or second class. If the butter-milk taste is very acute, terribly sour, you can add a few cups of water and make the sour taste milder so that you can tolerably drink it.

(3) If your Prarabdha is mild. you can completely wipe it out by acute Purushartha just as you can completely abolish dirty yellow patches on the tiles of your bath room by using acid or strong detergent chemicals.

(4) The very mild Prarabdha can be wiped off even by ordinary Purushartha just as it is possible to wipe off ink drops on your room floor by a simple brush only.

Anyhow, you should ceaselessly go on doing Purushartha all throughout and never go back and abandon it at any stage. If your Prarabdha is mild or very mild, it will be wiped off by simple or intense-acute Purushartha. lf it is thus not wiped off, do not worry; go on and continue striving with very acute Purushartha at least to make your acute Prarabdha mild or diluted. However, inspite of your very acute Purushartha, if you cannot bring about any change in your Prarabdha which might be very acute, then quietly and cheerfully undergo and suffer it with total submission and absolute resignation to God. In that way you can exhaust your very acute Prarabdha through endurance of suffering. After all, your Prarabdha is nothing but the ripened and matur- ed fruits of the previous Kriyaman Karmas of your own. Hence nobody else, not even God is responsible or to be blamed.