Theory of Karma - Chapter 5


As a matter of fact, everybody is supposed to know and bound to know the law of the land where he lives. Ignorance of law is no excuse. If an Indian goes to America
and drives the car on the left side of the road or without putting on a safety belt, the police will fine him 50 dollars. If he argues that he was ignorant of the law, the police will not accept any excuses and he will be asked to pay the fine on the spot and then study the law at his convenience. Similarly if an American goes to India and
moves with a gun without licence he will be arrested by the police. His argument that in America no licence is necessary for having a gun will not be accepted. If a man
puts his hand in fire innocently or through ignorance, even then the fire will burn his hand invariably.

If you want to stay and live in America, India, England or anywhere, you are expected to know the laws and rules of those countries. Similarly, if you want to live happily anywhere in this world, you must know the Law of Karma under which the whole Universe is governed.

Let us therefore now turn to examine and study the Law of Karma.