We are pleased to present this website which is dedicated to providing the written works and audio lectures of our late father Shri Hirabhai Thakkar, author of the classic book “KARMA NO SIDDHANT” (Theory of Karma) and several other important works on Hindu philosophy.

Shri Hirabhai was born in the small village Vasana in the district of Kheda in Gujarat, India in 1918. His parents were very religious and instilled a deep love for the Hindu epics such as Ramayana and Bhagwad Gita in his early childhood. Later on, he was inspired by the discourses of Jayendrapuri Maharaj at Sanyas-Ashram in Ahmedabad. After 38 years of Government service in the Revenue Department, he retired as a Deputy Collector in Gujarat Administrative Service (G.A.S.) in August 1976.

Shri Hirabhai Thakkar



Hirabhai delivered numerous lectures on Bhagwad Gita, Bhagwatam, Ramayana & Upanishads in many cities, towns and villages of the state of Gujarat Saurashtra and Maharashtra during his service and also after retirement.

He was the first President of Theosophical Society of Gandhinagar (capital of Gujarat in India). He was a scholar of BhagwadGita & Vedant.

Since 1985, he made extensive tours in the United States of America and delivered lectures in English, Hindi and Gujarati in several states. He visited South Africa and delivered lectures. The visit to South Africa was of particular significance to him because they give him an opportunity to visit the places where Mahatma Gandhi laid the foundation of India's freedom struggle. Indeed, Hirabhai strongly believed in Gandhiji's principles of 'accountability' and 'trusteeship of wealth' and made a conscious effort to practice these principles in his own life.

In 1990, Shri Hirabhai wrote 'Glory of Death'(Mrutyu Nu Mahatmya) originally in simple and lucid Gujarati Language. His main purpose was to narrate the significance and benefits of death to the common people so that the fear of death would be overcome. He emphasizes the need to live an honest, pious and selfless life since "he who knows how to live life well also knows how to accept death in the right spirit". To him, death is a meeting of "Atman" (soul) with "Parmatma" (Almighty).

Shri Hirabhai was a true "Karmayogi" and performed his duties towards his family and society with utmost dedication while maintaining a high degree of detachment and reserving his energies for deeper spiritual pursuits. He remained active until the end of his life and delivered his last discourse on the day before his unexpected but peaceful demise at the age of 83 on August 26, 2001.

Bapuji (as he was called affectionately by family and friends) always attributed his success in combining his worldly and spiritual lives to our mother, Shrimati Bhanuben Thakkar, who devoted herself completely to looking after him and we children and provided the right environment in which great works such as this one can be accomplished.

Hirabhai leaves behind a rich and vast treasury of ideas and insights into every aspect of Hindu Dharma for his countless admirers all over the world. His life will continue to inspire all those who wish to drink deeply at the fountain of spiritual knowledge while maintaining a foothold in the mundane world.

With deep love and gratitude.

  • Ghanshyam Thakkar
  • Harish Thakkar
  • Meena Kapadia
  • Mahesh Thakkar
  • Hema Sakarda

26th August 2003.